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Building Sandcastles


Ecclesiastes 7:1-14 This morning we continue our series 40 Days without Purpose, a journey through Ecclesiastes. The Teacher, with his now trademark pessimism, moves onto a list of Proverbs at the beginning of chapter 7 that consider how brief our moment on earth is. Read in isolation the words are depressing, when read in the […]

To Everything There Is A Season


Ecclesiastes 3 Today we continue our series in the baffling book of Ecclesiastes. The Teacher, in perhaps the most well-known passage in the book, makes some observations about time that have inspired both poet and politician. In reality this is not a moment of optimism from the otherwise despondent Teacher, instead the poem at the […]

Empty Pleasures


Ecclesiastes 2 Today we continue our series looking at Chapter Two in the book of Ecclesiastes. We will explore ‘the teachers’ quest for meaning as he gives himself to doing anything his heart desires and the lessons he draws from that quest.

Chasing the Wind


Ecclesiastes 1:1-18 This morning we begin a new series called ‘40 days without Purpose’ as we explore the book of Ecclesiastes. At the heart of this book are questions about the apparent futility of life – ‘a chasing after the wind’. While at times depressing, the book does help us to think about the big […]