Sermons by Francois Viljoen

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Insights Past Narratives can give us


Joshua 5:13-15 This morning Francois will be speaking on Joshua 5:13-15. In this story, we are confronted by certain things that might be confusing, or hard to take in for the modern reader. But perhaps in the struggle of seeking to understand these Old Testament stories, we can be equipped to engage with current stories […]

Stories – Job


Stories have a magical way of transporting their readers and hearers into another world and broadening their imagination as well as their world view. This summer our Carey student, Francois will bring us an Old Testament Bible story each week, filled with passion, drama, challenge, encouragement and life lessons. He’s also going to be interviewing […]

Songs of Advent – Mary’s Song


On Sundays at Central, this Advent season, we will consider the songs in the story of Christ’s birth recorded in Luke’s Gospel, we’ll also give attention to the great advent themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. This Sunday, our Carey College Summer student, Francois will reflect on Mary’s song, the Magnificat, in Luke 1: […]