Sermons by Darren Ayling

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Darren is a co-pastor at Central. He has been pastoring since 2008.

Lent @ Central: Another Story Must Begin


Isaiah 58:1-12, Rev 21:1-5a This Sunday is the first in the season of Lent. Our series for Lent draws on the story and characters of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Today, through the characters of Fantine and Cosette,  we’ll look at how the beginnings of the story of Les Misérables demonstrate the need for the Gospel […]

Being Church: A place to stand. Prayer, Openness and Outward Focus


Luke 11:1-4 This week, we conclude our series, Being Church: a place to stand. During this series, we considered some of the practices that have formed the church from its beginnings recorded in the book of Acts. We looked at the common life and hospitality of the church, the practice of communion and baptism. Today, […]

Communion – Being Church: A Place to Stand


Mark 14:22-26, 1 Corinthians 11:23-25 This week, we continue our series, Being Church: a place to stand. During this series, we are looking at some of the practices of the church from its very beginning to the practices that are important to our community in 2019.  Last week, we considered the start of the church […]

Advent@Central: The Sunday of Hope

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Luke 1:26-33, 46-50 Today is the first in Advent, the start of the year in the Christian calendar. During this season, we give attention to the great advent themes of hope, peace, joy and love. Today is the Sunday of Hope. This advent, we are being guided by Mary’s song of praise, the Magnificat, recorded […]

The Kingdom of Heaven is like the Generous Employer


Matthew 20:1-16 This morning, we conclude our series looking at parables of Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel that begin with the phrase ‘The kingdom of heaven is like……..’ The language of ‘kingdom’ presents challenges in our time; perhaps raising images of side-lined, ceremonial duties at best and patriarchal, oppressive domination at worse. But, for the original […]