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Esther: For Such a Time as This – Esther and Vashti


Today we continue our series on the book of Esther, one of only two Biblical books to be named after women. Esther is a challenging read; it contains, as one commentator suggests, both hilarity and horror. It is also the only book of the Bible not to mention God, which has troubled many scholars and […]

The Body’s Grace: Sexuality and Power

The Embrace by Paul Harrington

This morning we continue our series The Body’s Grace: Theology and Sexuality. Over four Sundays we are considering the themes of sexuality and ethics, sexuality and intimacy, sexuality and power, the church and same sex relationships. Today we are privileged to have Bronwyn Kerr speak on sexuality and power. Bronwyn is part of the Stillwaters and […]

Life is Wonderful

Life is wonderful

Genesis 1:31 Today Bronwyn Kerr will be speaking; Bronwyn is part of the Central and Stillwaters communities. Bronwyn works for the Wellington Sexual Abuse Help Foundation, and is the Safety and Abuse Prevention Educator for the Anglican diocese of Wellington. This morning Bronwyn will be speaking on the beauty and diversity of the world that God has […]

Boulcott Fund Focus – Wellington Sexual Abuse Help Foundation


The Boulcott Fund was established in 1992 by Central to distribute income generated from the church’s car park building. The aim of the fund is to provide funds to projects concerned with the mission of the church in New Zealand and overseas. We see the fund as a ministry of Central Baptist, so the fund […]