Sermons by Andrew Bollen

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Andrew is a co-pastor at Central. Has been pastoring since 1993.

Abraham – journey of faith and failure – The Promise Keeping God


Today we continue our journey with Abraham following the birth of Isaac. Once again Hagar and her son are driven away. How will God respond to the promises made to Abraham and Hagar? What will happen to Ishmael, Abraham’s oldest son? Will God remain faithful to the promises made about him? We will be looking […]

Money, Monks, Marx and Markets – Week 1


Today we start a new series called ‘Money, Monks, Marx & Markets’. We spend it, borrow it, save it, invest it, make more of it, lose it, give it away, and have our lives shaped by it, but how we can do all those things wisely. This series explores the impact that our faith can […]