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Living Justly – Justice


Julian Wood has promised A huge, roller coaster of a sermon in 18 sizzling minutes. A searing indictment of creeping normality in the twenty first century, with some hot social and political theory thrown in. Drawing from Isaiah 58 and Mark 13:17-26 he asks you to consider something God might be asking you to do […]

Living Justly – Justice delayed is justice denied?


This week John Osborne, Director of Marketplacers for NZBMS will be our guest speaker. John, who served in Asia for 40 years will help us explore further what it means to live justly and to seek justice on behalf of others. He will explore some of the Old Testament aspects of God’s justice and the […]

Living Justly – Who does the Housework? – Justice for Families


Luke 13:38-42:9 This week we continue our series ‘Living Justly’. Ruby Duncan, ex-missionary with Servants, former CEO of Iosis Ministries, and now team leader of Baptist Neighbourhood and Justice Initiative, will be speaking on ‘Who does the Housework? – Justice for Families’, looking at Luke 13:38-42.

Living Justly – It’s not fair!


Micah 6:8, Luke 4:18-19 This week we begin a new series thinking about what it means to live justly as God’s people.  What does it mean to seek justice and how can we be involved in seeking justice on behalf of others?