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Abraham and the Promise of Blessing, Genesis 12:1-3


This morning, Glen Morris, a member of the Asia-Pacific Leadership Team for Navigators, and one of our Candle People, will be sharing with us as we continue our journey with Abraham; Glen will take us back to the beginning of the Abraham story and explore how this links to the story of Jesus.

Abraham – journey of faith and failure – The Promise Keeping God


Today we continue our journey with Abraham following the birth of Isaac. Once again Hagar and her son are driven away. How will God respond to the promises made to Abraham and Hagar? What will happen to Ishmael, Abraham’s oldest son? Will God remain faithful to the promises made about him? We will be looking […]

Abraham – faith and failure – being formed by God


This morning we continue our series on the journey of Abraham. The story of Genesis is about God choosing a family through which God will bless all the peoples of the world. The first in that family line is Abraham. As we’ve discovered in the series so far, Abraham’s story is one of faith and […]