Today, we continue our series on Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi.  Philippians, written while Paul was in a prison cell, possibly in Rome, is a thank you letter expressing gratitude to the Christian church in Philippi for being partners with Paul in the spreading of the Gospel. Philippi was a Roman colonial city on the Egnatian Way, it was a cultural and religious melting pot. As well as expressing gratitude Paul writes to encourage the Christians in Philippi to keep growing in faith, and to follow the example of Christ. The people in the church of Philippi were citizens of Rome, but more  importantly for Paul, they were new citizens: citizens of heaven.

Today, we consider Paul’s encouragement to the church to continue to work out their salvation so that they might shine like stars in the city of Philippi. It’s a good passage for us to be giving attention to, on the day of our church AGM when we’ll be thinking about how to live out the invitations from our 2018 review.