Today we continue our new series called ‘Money, Monks, Marx and Markets’. We spend it, borrow it, save it, invest it, make more of it, lose it, give it away, and have our lives shaped by it, but how can we do all those things wisely? This series explores the impact that our faith can have on what it means to live in a modern money soaked world. How does our faith interact with how we organize economic society? How should we feel about debt? Are markets just here to exploit or can they be used for good? Should we all just sell everything we own and give it to the poor? Over five weeks, we hope to explore these questions and more, while listening to Central people’s own journeys as they have grappled with being a Christian in the age of consumerism and money.

Today we will hear from Benita Robinson, from Christians Against Poverty. Benita first became a CAP support worker, then after two years, she jumped at the chance to become Centre Manager for the Lower Hutt Debt Centre and most recently, has also become part of our head office family joining the Network Partnerships team part time. Benita has been involved with CAP now for over 5 years.

Benita refers to a story about Kath and Marlo. Go here for the video clip