Isaiah 58:1-12, Rev 21:1-5a

This Sunday is the first in the season of Lent. Our series for Lent draws on the story and characters of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Today, through the characters of Fantine and Cosette,  we’ll look at how the beginnings of the story of Les Misérables demonstrate the need for the Gospel story. Our series is based on a book called ‘Another Story Must Begin’, a Lenten study series written by the priest at a Church in England used as a location for the filming of the 2012 musical version of Les Misérables, During the series, we’ll consider how some of the characters and story of Les Mis intersect with Lenten themes of fallenness, confession, formation, self-knowledge and redemption.

The first movie clip referred to is the scene with the song At the end of the day. The lyrics can be found here

The scond clip with Cosette’s song is Castle on a Cloud, The lyrics can be found here