Today, we consider Javert, a complex character, who, in a literary sense, is the ‘villain’ or antagonist in the story. But in contrast to villains in many stories, Javert lives an ordered, moral and law-abiding life. For Javert, though, the law is not a source of liberty, but instead makes him less than fully human. Javert encounters grace, but unlike Jean Valjean, is unable to be transformed by it. This morning, we’ll consider a pivotal text in Paul’s letter to the Romans, a letter in which Paul leads his readers from the Old Testament law to the grace of Jesus Christ.

The first movie clip referred to is the scene where javert apoloigises to the mayor in Javert’s Apolgoy. The lyrics can be found here

The scond clip is Javert’s words after he lets Valjean go free The lyrics can be found here