Our guest speaker is Dr Myk Habets. Myk is a Senior Lecturer in Theology and the Head of Theology at Laidlaw College.

Myk will preach/speak on the theological foundations related to the question of choices at the end of life during the worship service.

While we don’t want our speaker to tell us what to think or how to vote, we very much want them to help us to understand the theological implications that underpin this issues.

Our aim is to help people make a decision about the “End of Life Choice”  referendum that they believe is pleasing to God.

After the worship, we invite people to stay for about 45 – 60 minutes for a Q & A time. This will provide an opportunity to ask for more detail or clarification from the speaker and discuss ideas with one another in respectful dialogue.

One of our members who is a lawyer will lead off by giving a 10 minute presentation of what the referendum entails to start the discussion.

NOTE : the entire service and discussion will now be on Zoom – see link in e-newsletter sent out on Friday.