We’re keen for Central to be a connected church, a place where there’s opportunities to build relationships and share life with others.  If that’s what you’re looking for here’s a couple of spaces that might help:


Small groups that meet together for a season (could be a one-off, a few weeks or indefinitely) to discuss a book, a movie or a bit of the Bible.

ThinkSpace groups are designed to build connections but also help us sink our teeth into content that may help our formation as followers of Christ. If you’re keen to be involved in one of these groups contact the church office or Darren on the contacts page

Family Groups

We know the word ‘family’ is a loaded term for some. Sadly not all expressions of family are healthy. We’ve stuck with the name Family Groups because ‘family’ in it’s healthiest expression, reflects the depth of relationship and support we aspire to.

So what are they? They are groups which are made up of a cross-section of the church. Each group is encouraged to develop its own flavour, while remaining a part of the wider church family. The emphasis is on building relationships, on getting to know and support each other.

Groups meet once a month and are usually based around food, fun, laughter and more food. The emphasis is on low-cost entertainment and allowing everyone to feel a part of the ‘family’.

If you would like to know more then contact the church office or Darren here.