Sunday mornings

Children's church

We spend the first 20 minutes or so in church with our families and then head downstairs for our own programme. We have some time altogether as a group for singing, prayer and remembering each other’s birthdays. Then we split into groups based on ages.

Each group has at least 2 leaders who are rostered on for half a term each. We often start our group time with news and morning tea – a drink of water, with apples and rice crackers. We are learning about God, through Bible stories, how he wants to be our friend and that we can be his friend too. We also want to think about the ‘so what’ of being a friend of Jesus – how should this affect our daily lives.

This year we’ve been trying something new, based on the Godly Play concept. Often the Bible story is introduced to us in the Children’s Talk while we’re still in church, and once we’re in our groups we think through some ‘wondering’ questions to help connect with what God might be saying to us. Some of the wondering questions we use are:
• I wonder what part of the story is (was) your favourite?
• I wonder what part you liked the best?
• I wonder what part is the most important?
• I wonder what part of the story is about you?
We then spend some time with different craft materials to help us with our thinking about God.

Once or twice a term we try to do something social, like a picnic, a bbq, a disco or our annual Wheels Party at the Rec Centre.

To find out more contact the church office.