Meet Our Team

Sarah Rice

Lead Pastor
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Sarah works part time for Central as Co-Lead Pastor.

She has the joy of being wife to Elliot and mother to Charlotte. As a pastor, Sarah is learning to participate in what Jesus is already up to in people’s lives and to keep our attention on God through dwelling in scripture and seeking Christ through spiritual disciplines and prayer together.

Her usual days in the study during the week are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Elliot Rice

Lead Pastor
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Elliot works part time for Central as Co-Lead Pastor.

Being Sarah’s husband and Charlotte’s dad fills him with delight. As a pastor, Elliot is learning to study God’s word long and carefully, to pray slowly and lovingly, and to be with people often and leisurely, in the joy of knowing and being found together in Christ.

His usual days in the study during the week are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


Stephen Bowater

Youth worker
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Stephen works part time for Central as our Youth Worker. His work is primarily with students which is why he looks so saintly!

Andrew Baldwin

Office administrator
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Andrew works part time for Central as our Office Administrator.

Sarah Litchfield

Finance administrator
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Sarah works part-time for Central. She is responsible for the day to day accounts and book-keeping for the church.

Paul Thompson

Property manager
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Paul works part-time for Central. He oversees the day-to-day management of the properties that Central owns. He is responsible for ensuring our facilities meet building compliance requirements and health and safety regulations.

Central House

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Jesse and Raya are our wardens at Central House – our accommodation for young people moving to Wellington to study or begin work.