We hope we’re a bit like this…

A diverse community

This church community honours the different journeys of all who enter it.

The people who occasionally or regularly include themselves in this community come from many different branches of Christian faith, from doubt, and from agnosticism. They may be young children or great grandparents, single or partnered, New Zealanders of many ethnicities, or visitors to this country. Some make themselves known, some prefer to remain anonymous. Explorers and strangers are welcome to visit, to stay for a while, or to make this their home.

In choosing to enter this church you may be looking for a connection with God. You may be concerned for someone else, or struggling with a decision of your own. Perhaps you want to express thankfulness, or you’re looking for a moment of peace.

Whatever your reason for being here, please feel free to use this space and time in a way that has integrity for you.

A compassionate community

This church community aspires to be a place of safety.

Perhaps you’re angry and intimidated about the failures and abuses of religion. We acknowledge with shame that throughout history and today powerful people have used religion as a tool of coercion or intimidation; vulnerable individuals have been sexually, emotionally, and spiritually abused in the name of religion.

People of this church fail at times to live out the grace and truth of our faith. Yet we still long and try to be a community of freedom and safety. We don’t want to coerce or bully or enforce conformity on anyone who chooses to enter this church.

Instead we aspire to be people who can trust and be trusted, give help and ask for help, learn from and teach each other, celebrate each other’s talents and our own. We long for each person to enjoy the wholeness and freedom for which God created us.

A community centred on Christ

This church community finds its focus in loving and being loved by God.

Our companion and ultimate confidence is in the person of Jesus Christ. We believe that he demonstrates God’s love for every human being and for the whole creation. As individuals and as a community we seek ways to join in God’s demonstration of love for the world.

We believe that we are part of the body of Christ. To quote Adrian Plass: “We, the lost and the found, the sure and the unsure, the joyful and the sad, the native and the stranger, the wise and the simple, the leaders and the learners, the healthy and the sick, those who depart and those who return, those in the light and those in the darkness, those who are saintly and those who are not – all who say yes to the suffering, triumphant Jesus – we are the body of Christ.”

We welcome you to share in our community.