Intermediate (JYG) and College-age (YG) Youth

You will meet at Stillwaters, 327 Willis St. Parents should drop off their young people by 9.45 am and return to pick them up after worship ends at Central. This is a short-term solution until we can all gather together again at Central.

Children’s Church

Sue and Meryn are preparing a fun programme for our youngest members. They will have children limit the sharing of equipment, wash hands, use sanitiser, and refrain from games that require contact. The focus will be on high hygiene standards and staying out of each other’s moist breath zones.

Contact Tracing

When you arrive please register at one of the reception desks in the foyer. You can use your smartphone to check in (no app required) or fill in a paper form. After the service please check out before you leave the building.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea will be served in the auditorium when you arrive. Please touch only your cup and spoon. The server will pour your beverage and add milk/sugar if desired. Please deposit your cup in one of the boxes in the auditorium before or after the service.

When You Arrive

When you have completed the Contact Tracing registration, please go straight into the auditorium to chat. Don’t linger in the entrance foyer.

In the Auditorium

Please respect the 1 metre distancing from people who are not part of your regular “bubble” of family/whānau and close contacts. Share a pew and sit with people who are part of your “bubble”! Sorry, but in the current situation hugs, handshakes or other physical greetings are still discouraged.

During the Service

As part of contact tracing we will take photos of the congregation during worship. These will be stored on the church computer for 6 – 8 weeks and will not be used unless they are required for contact tracing.

Offering: Please continue to give online. We won’t take up an offering of cash or food while we are in Alert Level 2. If you do have an offering envelope, please put it through the mail slot in the office door.


Communion bread will be pre-cut by someone who has sanitised their hands. Please take a piece of bread without touching any other piece. Please deposit your communion cup in the baskets at the front of the auditorium after the service.


We will not hold hands during the final blessing; rather, we invite you to extend your hands to receive blessing from God and to bless one another.

After Service Tea & Coffee

There will be no tea and coffee after the service on 7 June. We are considering options for 14 June.