SONG – Kyrie Eleison   click here 

For the things we’ve done and left undone
For the ways we’ve wandered from your heart
Forgive us, we pray 

For the idols we put on your throne
For the loves we chose above your own
Forgive us, we pray 

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, God have mercy on us…
For the lies that we clutch to our chests
For the fear that wants to steal our breath
Forgive us, we pray 
And give us your grace 

Call to Worship   

Spirit of the living God, visit us again on this day of Pentecost.
Come, Holy Spirit.
Like a rushing wind that sweeps
away all barriers, 
Come, Holy Spirit.
Like tongues of fire that set our hearts aflame,

Come, Holy Spirit.
With speech that unites the Babel of our tongues,

Come, Holy Spirit.
With love that overlaps the boundaries of race and nation,

Come, Holy Spirit.
With power from above to make our weakness strong,

Come, Holy Spirit. 







SONG – Wairua tapu  click here 

Wairua Tapu, Kuhu Mai
Nau mai ki konei
Wairua Tapu Arahia
Korero mai ano 

Holy Spirit, welcome
You are welcome here
Guide us, Holy Spirit
Speak to us again 

Kids Talk (prepared by Sue)Click here
Join Sue and the Central Kids as they share: 

  • Kids Church prayer 
  • The story of Pentecost 
  • God sends the Holy Spiritvideo
  • Our God is a great big Godvideo 
  • You are the fun in my life, you are the joy (Rend Collective) – action video 
  • Pentecost colouring page   Click here

 Prayer for the World  (prepared by Adrienne)

Dear God, 

When the day of Pentecost came, all the believers were gathered together in one place.  

But today, we who believe in you are scattered in our own homes and can’t be together physically. And all over the world Christians are dealing with isolation, grief, and unpredictability, just as we are here in Aotearoa. 

We are scattered too through different time zones and cultures. We are scattered into different theologies and interpretations of the Bible. We are scattered in our politics and the ways we want to solve the problems of the world. 

And we are scattered in more ways than that. Some of us are comfortable and safe and well provided for. Some of those who believe in you are vulnerable, frightened, in physical or emotional danger. We are scattered in our access to books and the internet, and technology, some of us with all that we need and more, many of us with not enough.  

We pause at this point to think of people or situations known to us. 

 On that day of Pentecost, the wind blew, and flames of fire touched each person there. God, we can’t be together physically, and our differences will always exist. But let us and all who believe in you be united in our desire to be filled with your Holy Spirit. Bring us with expectant, hopeful hearts into this place of prayer. Blow away our resistance to change. Help us to dream dreams and see visions of our world transformed by the energy of your love and compassion. 

We pause again at this point to think of the people and situations we named earlier. Where is the flame of the Spirit touching down? Where is your gale blowing to act or pray or give? 

Lord you blow like the wind in a thousand paddocks, inside and outside the fences. Blow though us. Come Holy Spirit. Wairua Tapu, nau mai  



Connecting with God’s family around the world 

We are part of a global family of 47 million Baptists in 125 countries serving God and our communities around the world.  Watch this short video to get an overview:  Baptist World Alliance: Storied History, Strategic Future  Click here  

OFFERING: Please continue to give generously to support ministry within the Central family and to the wider community.  We have lost nearly all our rental income due to the lockdown, so we really appreciate your generosity.   

1.  Internet banking & AP – The Church’s bank account is 03-0502-0169965-00  
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SONG – For Everyone Born  click here 

For everyone born, a place at the table,
for everyone born, clean water and bread,
a shelter, a space, a safe place for growing,
for everyone born, a star overhead,
                and God will delight when we are creators
                of justice and joy, compassion and peace:
                yes, God will delight when we are creators
                of justice, justice and joy!… 


This Week’s Message by Ann Borquist  Click here
“Pentecost – a Preview of the Kingdom”
based on Acts 2: Acts 2:1-13 and 42-47

Please join us for FELLOWSHIP and DISCUSSION on 31 May @ 11.30am 12.15pm
See email for Zoom link to join the discussion.  

“Share a funny story of what happened to you in another country.
How do we make people from various cultures feel welcome at Central?” 

SONG – Here I am Lord  click here

I, the Lord of sea and sky,
I have heard My people cry.
All who dwell in dark and sin,
My hand will save.
I who made the stars of night,
I will make their darkness bright.
Who will bear My light to them?
Whom shall I send? 

Here I am Lord, Is it I Lord?
I have heard You calling in the night.
I will go Lord, if You lead me.

             I will hold Your people in my heart… 

Central Blessing   

You are God’s people, gifted with dreams and visions.  
Upon you rests the grace of God like flames of fire.  
Love and serve the Lord in the strength of the Spirit.  
May the deep peace of Christ be with you,  
the strong arms of God sustain you,  
and the power of the Holy Spirit strengthen you in every way.  

*Worship Songs selected by Andrew Green

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