SONG – Bless the Lord O My Soul  click here 
Bless the Lord O my soul, worship His holy name 

Call to Worship   

In 2012, Central Baptist did a series of Sundays on the Psalms. As part of that, every week people were invited to write phrases or sentences relating to the theme of the Sunday, on post-it notes which were stuck on to the front wall of the church under the candles as ‘leaves’ on a tree we had drawn there.  

After the series, all of these sentences and phrases were compiled into one long ‘Psalm of Wellington Central. Every single word of this Psalm came from someone’s heart. 

PSALM 151 – a Psalm of Wellington Central Baptist Church (2012) 


God you are our God, we are your people and your flock
You are God of all. May the whole earth praise you.

God our light, like the sun you may be hidden 

but you have never abandoned us.

You are there when we’re on top of the world
You are there in the depths of our struggle.

When life is hard, when health is failing – you are there.

Your faithfulness and wisdom are never ending.
You are God, utterly trustworthy. 

If you are for us who can be against us?

Your justice is all-seeing, all-knowing.

God you are with us in each moment of our life.
Your presence never leaves us. Your love is everlasting.

You deserve our worship and surrender.
We proclaim you and we praise you.

(To see the whole Central Psalm, please click here)

SONG – King of All   click here
Jesus you are the one who sees the broken  

Kids Talk (prepared by Sue)  click here
Join Sue and the Central Kids as they share:

  • The Kids Church blessing 
  • What does worship mean? 
  • Learning about King David
  • I can pray anywhere, any time 
  • Kahoot quiz 

OFFERING: Please continue to give generously to support ministry within the Central family and to the wider community. We have lost nearly all our rental income due to the lockdown, so we really appreciate your generosity.

1. Internet banking & AP – The Church bank account is 03-0502-0169965-00  
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Prayer for the World 
A prayer from David Allen
(NZ Baptist Union, May 2020) 

Gracious Father, we find it hard to know what lies ahead; what impact Covid 19 will bring to our lives, our congregations and our world. We are grateful for what has been achieved so far in our nation, and for the opportunities to love and serve that this season brings us.  

We recognise that, for some, the consequences of this virus are immense.  We pray for those who grieve over the death of loved ones, for those who have lost jobs, and those whose future is uncertain. We pray for those whose businesses are struggling to survive, for those who are fearful and isolated. God, give them your peace. 

Within our own Baptist family, we know that there are those whose lives  have been dramatically changed. We think of our NZBMS overseas staff who have had to return home, and who are unsure what the next step is; for those in hotels in quarantine; for those who are grieving the loss of community and ministry. We pray for them. We also pray for those who have chosen to remain in their host country, and who are seeking to respond to the needs around them.  God, give them strength.  

Stand among us, risen Christ. Speak your peace to our hearts, breathe on us your Spirit, and send us out into the world with your love and compassion.

SONG – Is He Worthy?  click here
Do you feel the world is broken?  Do you feel the shadows deepen?
But do you know that all the dark won’t stop the light from getting through? 

This Week’s Message by Alice Wood  Click here
Why Worship? based on Psalm 122 

Please join us for FELLOWSHIP and DISCUSSION on 17 May @ 11.30am 12.15pm
See email for Zoom link to join the discussion.  

SONG – O worship the King, all glorious above   click here

O worship the King, all glorious above,
O gratefully sing His power and His love; 

Our Shield and Defender, the Ancient of Days,
Pavilioned in splendour, and girded with praise. 

Central Blessing   

You are God’s people, gifted with dreams and visions.  
Upon you rests the grace of God like flames of fire.  
Love and serve the Lord in the strength of the Spirit.  
May the deep peace of Christ be with you,  
the strong arms of God sustain you,  
and the power of the Holy Spirit strengthen you in every way.  

 (*Worship Songs selected by Katherine Noble)

What’s Happening at Central  

During these strange and curious times, we have found new, creative ways to connect with one another and with God. There are lots going on among the Central family! For example …. 

  • Central Kids Church – WhatsApp group and Sunday Kids Talk
  • JYG (Junior Youth Group) – meets Sunday mornings at 10.00 am, daily Bible study, group games 
  • Youth Group – meets Wednesday evenings 
  • Young Bunz (young adults) – meets every Sunday afternoon 
  • Outreach to Seniors sharing short videos with rest homes around Aotearoa NZ 
  • Bible Study and Prayer group – meets fortnightly on Wednesday mornings  
  • Wednesday Deeper Dive into the Psalms – home group  
  • Thursday mid-day Prayer gathering – 12:30 – 1:00 pm 
  • Book Groups – meet in the evenings on various days
  • Central House – students have resumed uni classes, some from their flat at CH, others from home  
  • Stillwaters – continues to share food with those who knock on their door 
  • Deacons coordinating: KIT calls to Central family (Keeping in Touch), email and online communication, Search Committee process, financial management including the Emergency Fund, discussion about our future. See the Deacons Update video here.

If you would like more information on any of these groups or events – please flick an email to