SONG – Come people of the risen king  Click here

Call to Worship

In Christ, the God of heaven has made his home on earth. 
Christ dwells among us and is one with us.
Highest of all creation, he lives among the least.
He journeys with the rejected and welcome the weary.

Come now, all who thirst,
and drink the water of life.

Come now, all who hunger, 

And be filled with good things.
Come now, all who seek,
And be warmed by the fire of love.  

SONG –E te Ariki   Click here

If you’d like to listen to the RNZ Hymns on Sunday programmes, click this link: Hymns. This takes you to a page with links to the weekly audio files for the previous five years.  Click on a programme to open a page showing the words for each song.

Kids Talk (prepared by Sue) Click here 

Join Sue, Adrienne, Ross and the Central Kids as they share about: 

  • manaakitanga – to extend aroha, love and compassion (our kids shared their small acts of kindness) 
  • An overview of the book of Psalms by Adrienne 
  • how to make a cool bookmark by Ross 
  • “I am wonderfully made” song with actions (Psalm 139:14)
  • God’s wonderful creationif you take photos of beautiful, interesting things you see as you take a walk or play outside, please send them to Sue or to   

Prayer for the World (prepared by Zena)

Dear God,  

I don’t know much of what is happening out there in our big wide world at the moment but it does not stop me thinking about it. 

I think about people who are safe, people who are free.
People who work and live together going about life, who are happy, healthy, cared for and loved.

I think about people, neighbourhoods, villages, communities that have a way,
an attitude, a behaviour, a
manner that doesn’t leave anyone out, that doesn’t hurt anyone.
Can You help us learn their patterns of caring, loving and sharing? 

Help us to seek out people who are doing life well, safe, free, caring for others, welcoming others, and watch for those who are not strong right now, staying close for those who just want to run and hide. Waiting for those who can’t talk right now, and those who are unable to stand up for themselves. 

God, we pray for people we cannot see, people we do not know.
People who are out there going about living, loving, struggling, striving and growing.

, we pray for the world that we know and the world that we don’t. 

Please hear our prayer.  Amen 

Emergency Fund – for those in need 

The Deacons have set up an Emergency Fund so we can to meet the emergency needs of our community as we become aware of them. Please consider contributing to the fund if you are able to.  

Please send your gift to the Central Baptist bank account 03-0502-0169965-00 and use ‘Emergency Fund’ as your reference. 


Please continue to give generously to support ministry within the Central family and to the wider community.     

We have lost nearly all our rental income due to the lockdown, so we really appreciate your generosity.   

  1. Internet banking & AP – The Church’s bank account is 03-0502-0169965-00   
  1. Credit card payment through PushpayClick here

SONG – What a friend we have in Jesus   Click here


This Week’s Messageby Ann and Bruce. Click here

How long O Lord? An overview of the Psalms
Psalm 13, 1 Peter 5:7

 Please join us for a SERMON DISCUSSION with Bruce and Ann  

on 26 April @ 11.30am – 12.15pm  

See email for Zoom link to join the discussion.
“What are a couple of your favourite Psalms?”


SONG – O God, our help in ages past   Click here 

Central Blessing   

You are God’s people, gifted with dreams and visions.  
Upon you rests the grace of God like flames of fire.  
Love and serve the Lord in the strength of the Spirit.  
May the deep peace of Christ be with you,  
the strong arms of God sustain you,  
and the power of the Holy Spirit strengthen you in every way.  

(*Worship Songs selected by Robyn)

 During this coming week    

  • RING someone this week and ask how they’re going
  • WAVE to a neighbour and introduce yourself if they don’t know your name 
  • Join one of the many groups connecting digitally – please flick an email to for info on:

    • Central Kids Church – WhatsApp group, Sunday Kids Church 
    • JYG (Junior Youth Group) – Sunday morning, group games
    • Youth Group – Wednesday evening
    • Young Bunz (young adults) – Sunday chats
    • Book Groups
    • Life Groups – a new one starting in May on “A Deeper Dive into the Psalms”
    • Bible Study and Prayer Groups – fortnightly on Wednesday morning