Welcome message

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Worship song playlist is here on YouTube

  • Be Still and Know
  • Be Still for the Presence
  • E Te Ariki
  • Brother, Sister – the Servant Song
  • In Christ Alone

Children’s  songs

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeJvKkBV6rY -younger kids
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reAlJKv7ptU -older youth

The song for the children is My Lighthouse (Rend Collective) and it links with the story of Moses and his people following God into the desert. The Israelites had to quickly change their way of life and trust God…and sometimes they found it hard and scary. There’s a bit in the song about how God is a fire before us shining light to show the way – hence the ‘cloud by day’ and ‘fire by night’ reference to Exodus. Here is a link of that story being told.

Call  to worship

(inspired by Mark 5:21-43)
With friends and strangers,
with family and neighbours, we gather:
Come among us, Healing God,
with your love that never ends.

With faith reaching out to touch,
with hearts straining to trust, we hope:
Come among us, Friend of the broken,
with your compassion that makes us whole.

With word and wonder,
with silence and song, we wait:
Come among us, Dryer of our tears,
to lift us to our feet to follow you.
You are our God and we come to worship you
Speak to us today, Lord. We are listening.

Prayer for the World

Gracious God
rejoicing in your blessings,
trusting in your loving care for all,
we bring you our prayers for the world.We pray for the created world:
for those who rebuild where things have been destroyed;
for those who fight hunger poverty and disease here in Aotearoa and around the world;
for those who have power
to bring change for the better and to renew hope.
In the life of our world
your kingdom come, O Lord, Your will be done.
We pray for our country: for those in leadership;
who frame our laws
and shape our common life;
who keep the peace
and administer justice.
Please give our leaders clear-eyed wisdom as they deal with the Covid-19 situation.
We lift up those who teach
and those who heal
We lift up all who serve our community in a variety of ways
especially in this time of pandemic


In the life of our land
your kingdom come, O Lord, Your will be done.

We pray for people in need:
those for whom life is a bitter struggle;
those whose lives are clouded
by death or loss,
by pain or disability,
by illness or anxiety,
by discouragement or fear,
by shame or rejection.

We pray for those who are facing unemployment
and finding it hard to make ends meet.


In the lives of those in need
your kingdom come, O Lord, Your will be done.

We pray for those
in the circle of friendship and love around us:

children and parents,
grandparents, aunts and uncles;
sisters and brothers;
friends, flatmates and neighbours;
and for those especially in our thoughts today …
In the lives of those we love,
your kingdom come, O Lord, your will be done.
We pray for the church
in its stand with the poor,
in its love for the outcast and the ashamed,
in its service to the sick and the neglected,
in its proclamation of the Gospel,
in this land and in this place.
Lord, give us courage to care for one another in practical ways,
to care for our neighbour with the love of Jesus.
In the life of your church,
your kingdom come, O Lord, your will be done.
Eternal God:
hear these our prayers,
the spoken and the silent,
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
to whom with you and the Holy Spirit, be all praise and glory for ever.


This week’s message

Paul Thompson brings us this week’s message “Following Jesus in the time of pandemic”. The message is available here as an audio or video.

Central Blessing

You are God’s people, gifted with dreams and visions.
Upon you rests the grace of God like flames of fire.
Love and serve the Lord in the strength of the Spirit.
May the deep peace of Christ be with you,
the strong arms of God sustain you,
and the power of the Holy Spirit strengthen you in every way

During this coming week

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