Every year, the season of Lent helps us think more deeply about who Jesus is and why we follow him.

In keeping with this, questions and explorations of our own identity follow: Who are we as individuals who follow Jesus? Who are we as a worldwide, ‘timewide’ group of people who follow Jesus (the Church)?  Who we are as a collection of people who follow Jesus and associate with Wellington Central Baptist Church?

Be strong and take heart

Psalm 27

In these days of uncertainty, it is good to pause and reflect on God’s faithfulness and love.  Psalm 27 could be our daily prayer this week.

“Trust the Lord!  Be brave and strong and trust the Lord.” Ps. 27:14

A Practice for this week:

Centring Prayer

You, Lord, are the light that keeps me safe.  I am not afraid of anyone. You protect me, and I have no fears.” Psalm 27: 1

Lord, help me to relax.

Take from me the tension
that makes peace impossible.
Take from me the fears
that do not allow me to venture.
Take from me the worries
that blind my sight.
Take from me the distress
that hides your joy.

Help me to know
that I am with you,
that I am in your care,
that I am in your love,
that you and I are one.

~ David Adam in “The Open Gate” SPCK 1994.

Who else needs to hear?  Think about your friends, family and neighbours – who else needs to hear the message of Psalm 27?  Consider sharing the above prayer with them over a cuppa.  Talk about what or who gives you a sense of peace.

Reach out – Have a look around the auditorium during the service. Is there someone you’ve never spoken to, whose name you don’t know? Over coffee at the end of the service introduce yourself and hear some of their story.  Ask them how they are going.


– invite someone to your place for a meal.

– text someone with an encouraging word.

– arrange to meet someone for a cuppa during the week.

– pray for those who are facing challenges this week.