Jesus and the Samaritan Woman John 4:5-42

The season of Lent helps us rediscover each year who Jesus is and why we gather around him. We put the pieces of the story together annually. In keeping with this, questions and explorations of our own identity follow: Who are we as individuals who follow Jesus? Who are we as a worldwide, ‘timewide’ group of people who follow Jesus (the Body of Christ, the Church)? Who are we as a collection of people who follow Jesus and associate with Wellington Central Baptist Church?

A Practice for this week:

Lectio Divina

‘Divine Reading’

This is a classic way of reading and praying with words from Bible. Instead of ‘reading Scripture’ we let Scripture ‘read us’.

Choose a passage of Scripture. You might like to return to John 4, or take one of the other lectionary readings for this Sunday:
Exodus 17:1-7, Psalm 95, or Romans 5:1-11

Read the passage slowly, aloud if you can. Listen with the “ear of your heart.” What phrase, sentence or even one word stands out to you?

Reflect Read the passage again and reflect on the word or phrase that took your attention. What touches you? What draws you deeper? Notice the thoughts and feelings that emerge.

Respond to God. Be aware of any prayer rising up from your reading and reflection. Are you led into gratitude … repentance … resolve … compassion for yourself or others?

Rest in God. Lean in to your Maker, your Friend, your breath of life. Be at peace in the still centre.

Live. After the prayer, take the phrase, sentence, or word into your daily activity and listen to it, reflect on it, pray over it, and rest in it as time allows during the day. Allow it to become part of you.


You may also like to try Visio Divina – choosing a work of art and allowing yourself to hear from and talk to God through it. See the links below:

This site offers a picture and reflection for each week of Lent.